Team Building Weekend in Rustenburg

As you know, a successful weekend takes a lot of careful planning and organising and this is exactly what kept Harry and Frans busy for the past few months!

Harry had his diary (known as the black book) in which all the activities were written down – games, prizes and allocations of these. This, therefore, became a very essential part of their lives for all of 5 months!

One week before the weekend

“Oh Harry, I don't think I can get away from work by 2 o'clock on Friday. We have meetings planned all week and one for Saturday all day!”

“OK, OK, OK, I'll try my best, let's look at the schedule again on Wednesday.”

Luckily for me, my Boss was away on business in the USA and things could be arranged.

Friday, 10 March 2000

We awakened with an excited, yet expectant feeling. Harry off to work and me armed with my grocery list, off to Woolies for some essentials. Rushing, rushing, rushing – I really need this weekend!

“Harry, where are you? You wanted to leave early! Look at the time. I still need to stop and exchange this costume please!”

Well. after running around for last minute exchanges and petrol, we were finally on our way. Harry could not have been more solicitous.

He had arranged to meet Anne-Marie on the way and was scared we might keep her waiting next to the road.

Taking the Gordon Road offramp, we were deep in our own thoughts, when suddenly this 4×4 came up close to the Renault and starred hooting at us. Well, as you could imagine our response! But what a delight when we saw who it was! Many of you might remember Ian Schwartz. He had just returned from a year of mountain climbing around the world. You will understand why I say Ian is very verbose, yet very interesting to a point that one can't help listening to him. After exchanging cell numbers etc., we were on our way once again and just in time for Anne-Marie.

We arrived at camp around 16:30, still very enthusiastic about the weekend ahead. Slowly the members and friends started to arrive and the vibe in the camp became electric.

Word got through that Donny and friends were stuck next to the road and were helped by Jimmy and family. The water pump on Donny's car had come loose and this could not be repaired on the spot and they were towed in.

Alwyn and Ilona were in the convoy, thus delaying the hamburger braai as planned. They had the bread rolls! You can imagine the anticipation of all when they heard the news. We were all hungry!

With the braai eventually in full swing and Old Brown Sherry enjoyed by all, the weekend had officially begun.

Pssst… how Robert and clan arrived was surely a miracle. That poor engine really needs some TLC. Come on Robert, surprise us all.

Saturday, 12 March 2000

Harry was up bright and early and I needed some coffee. Slowly getting out of bed, eyes still half closed, I walked to the kitchen. And then, dare I say, some monkey business.

You can imagine my surprise seeing this big baboon at the glass doors eyeing our bread rolls. Harry, being quick on his feet chased him our and followed him into Rina and Frans' chalet.

Rina, also half awake, could not believe her eyes at the enormity of the baboon. Needless to say she was wide awake and quietIy told the baboon to get our. He obviously ignored her, triumphantly passed her and helped himself to a packet of potato chips.

Harry cornered the baboon (oh for a video cam!), but he was not going to be caught. He: jumped over the wall on to the roof and down the other side on the road and promptIy ate all the chips he had just acquired. This was a much-talked-about topic for the rest of the weekend.

Love is in the air and all the men had to make breakfast for their wives or girlfriends.

The judge was out in full force and was accepting bribes! I must admit, the men were full of surprises and some had jolly good ideas. (Wonder where they came from guys?)

Colourful and interesting breakfasts were served. Corrie was definitely the winner by serving breakfast in bed to his Iovely wife. What a lucky lady. Well done Corrie, we will send our men for some tips. A first prize was awarded to him, sponsored by Jimmy.

Let the games begin…

Obviously the Renaults had to be showed off to the local community and all were driven down to the local Renault dealer in Rustenburg. On returning to the camp the day's activities were under way.

The dual ski board run was such fun, just watching the partners trying to synchronise with each other and balancing all the same time… well, you should have been there to see it! What fun! Hula hoops were tried (I think that should be a children's event in the future) followed by the egg run (not boiled eggs, mind you). Cheating was the order of the day, but some were trying their best and would be rewarded for their efforts.

To my mind the penny dropping was the best. Hoots of laughter were heard by all. Let me explain. One has to get a coin and pinch it between your buttocks, walk with it till you get to the allocated plastic bowl and drop the coin into it – all done and not once touching with your hands. Some people really looked as if the need to go was a pressing affair. Some literally had egg on their faces, after an egg throwing event and a swim was a dire need.

A short rest period where you could either watch rugby, sleep, swim or even take a hike before we all got together for the braai later.

The evening party was a 60s theme and all came dressed up, some as hippies and some as genuine grease monkeys.

My thoughts were that everyone looked excellent with the exception of Mike and Anne-Marie. They were outstanding, well done Mike and Anne-Marie. Celeste was dressed up as a real flower child and looked great too, with Harold and Alita's daughters at her side.

The first prize was sponsored by Mike and Anne-Marie and they awarded it to Jan, in his purple Austin Powers suit, and his wife Angie. Well done guys!

Sunday, 12 March 2000

This was to be another rude awakening and the baboon chose Donny. What a way to wake up! The baboon was not grinning and Donny had never seen such big teeth so close before. He was not going to ask who they belonged to. A beer was definitely the order of his day, even though it was not near 8 o'clock yet.

Most of us had coffee, rusks and left overs for breakfast, before all began with their potjies for the competition that was the last activity on the list.

Lots of secret recipes were the order of the day and some tried to peek in others pots for hints of what lay in store. Some even refused to be videoed. When the time came for the judge to taste, they were all very magnanimous. Needless to say the king of the Renault club potjiekos competition is Hennie, without a doubt. His potjie was scrumptious. With a name like “moerbypotjie” what else could be expected!

Well by now Harry and Frans discovered that the very important black book was missing. It could have been one of many… there were names with fines to be paid and anyone could be the culprit, although a little bird told us someone named Jonathan was the messenger to this complot. Without the book no more prizes could be awarded. Although one that comes to mind is that for the best team leader of the weekend. This prize, without a doubt, goes to Martin Koekemoer. Martin we applaud you, you were great.

The weekend is over. Can you believe how time flies when you are having fun.

C'mon guys, let's please do this again!

Well done Harry and Frans, you both excelled. We all enjoyed the weekend away.

Till next time, see ya around.