Treasure Hunt 2001

I started the day with fear! This particular outing was supposed to be held in March, but only 2 cars pitched – Babsie and myself. The fear I had was that this would be a repeat of that day, but fortunately not.

At least this time 8 cars showed up – better than 2. It was one of those glorious days between all the cold days we had experienced. We all chatted a bit before the hunt began.

The cars were spaced out with 60 second intervals, although Jimmy quickly ensured that no one would catch him. The only reason for this was the Toyota TwinCam 16V engine under the bonnet.

Jimmy and Celeste (Frans and Rina's daughter) finished first with only one wrong answer (and in a flash, I might add) in a Dauphine Gordini. Frans and Rina were second overall in their R8 Gordini.

Harold & Co. took a wrong turn, or should I say a wrong ‘word'. The route read ‘turn right into the second street', but they turned right into Second Street. Harold, that's what you get for not listening to your wife!

Luckily Dave didn't show up (just kidding), otherwise we might have had to postpone lunch to go looking for him.

After everyone was back and the prizes handed out, we all settled under the big willow trees and enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon braai. A quiet end to an eventful day.