Durban Dash 2001

The morning of 11 May 2001, the start of the 2001 Durban Dash. The event is held annually and this was my sixth consecutive year on the Dash – and I was late again.

Upon my arrival at Kyalami (the starting point), some of the club members had already left. After registration we rushed off to the Springs airfield where breakfast was served and time trials were held on the runway.

Some of the other guys were already busy with the time trials when we met up with Donnie, topping up his G with oil. Upon enquiring about this, I found out that it was a case of ‘checking the fuel and topping up the oil'!

Germano had a visitor with a beautiful Floride that had some overheating problems. We offered some assistance and after running up and down Benoni looking for radiator hoses, a radiator cap and a head gasket set, it was already half past one. I decided not to stick to the route, but to get onto the highway and head straight to Durban.

The following day all the guys arrived and we had a wonderful prize-giving dinner. The next morning everyone met at the Pavilion shopping centre outside Durban and headed toward Pietermaritzburg where their annual Cars in the Park is held.

The weather turned out great. Beautiful cars and one helluva headache is what my day consisted of. Two o'clock came and it was time to go home. Yet another Durban Dash over.

It is a big rush to do the Dash in 3 days. I think one should stay a day or two longer – which is exactly what some of the other people did.

What do you say we make the Durban Dash a long weekend next year as a club outing? We're bound to have an extremely fun time!