Renault Rally Club Track Meeting

Yes, believe it or not, we had an off-road meeting with the old Renaults. The venue was the track at the Wonderfontein caves. Some might call it a very bad dirt road, but I will call it an off-road track – suitable only for scramblers, and if you dare, a Renault will do it. Once again the Renaults proved that they are able to drive on any road and in any conditions, but I think some owners need additional cooling methods.

Jimmy would have enjoyed this on his BMW scrambler. At least the tar road leading to the turn-off to the caves was good, but once we reached the so-called dirt road, it was an entirely different story. The 4×4s in Sandton won't even attempt going on this road – we all know that the roads in Sandton are disastrous, judging by the amount of 4×4s driving around the Sandton area.

This was Frans and Rina's farewell trip and it was the first time Harold took his Dauphine on an outing. Frans, at least New Zealand will have some good dust now. You should have tonnes of this stuff in your car after this outing. I suggest that you bottle this pure South African dust and sell it in New Zealand – make some money out if it! Market it as an aphrodisiac from Africa – just don't try it yourself.

Harold – don't be discouraged – not all of our outings are on bad roads. Next time the roads might be better. Who knows, Robert might just surprise us.

Robert – we are still waiting for the free car washes you promised us.

Back to the road (track) – we only had to stop once or twice after spinning the entire way up the steep hills. Harold's car was overheating.

Harold himself had even worse heating problems. After the third beer, we managed to cool him down, but his temperature was still running dangerously high the rest of the way up.

To Ralph who spent two weeks cleaning, polishing and preparing your car for the tops-only competition at Kyalami (which was to follow shortly after this event), sorry – shit happens. Fortunately the event at Kyalami was cancelled. Now you can start all over again.

Dalene brought her crutches with – let that be a lesson to everyone attempting that hill by foot. You'll certainly need an extra pair of legs.

Once at the top of the mountain – an hour's drive on the dirt road (track) – the temperatures cooled down and we all had an enjoyable time, eating and drinking till late.

The return journey was fat better – alcohol must have had something to do with this. Dutch courage is a wonderful thing!

In the meantime my car is still smoking badly and has recently developed a serious smoker's cough. Hopefully Dr Zuma doesn't spot me – she will definitely ban me from all public roads. My apologies go to all the people who drove behind me.

This was definitely an outing that no one will ever forget.

Thanks Robert, Barry and everyone else who joined us.

Cheers Frans and Rina – we know that you will be successful in New Zealand. With the amount of people in the Renault club leaving for New Zealand, you can soon start your own Renault club. We might even have an official Renault club outing to New Zealand.

We just need to find a way of making the Renaults waterproof. Waterproofing a Renault is a life-long project – apparently they don't float too well. Who knows, we might just surprise you!