Paris, or well, err… Parys

After a long wait, where only six cars pitched, the journey to Parys commenced. Where were the rest of you?

The drive was rather interesting with Dave providing strange driving sequences in the 4CV. upon arrival in Parys, we caused quite a stir with our cars. People probably haven't seen so many Renaults together in years. Well now the best part of the outing – the food!

The diner is the local hangout with bikers and all, but alas, they haven't met Antie Babs. The food was very good and the atmosphere excellent. Our behaviour was good as well, except for Antie Babs who wanted to hurt the innocent Dave.

The unfortunate waitress was continually bothered for her phone number but still held her cool when we got going and was asked to bring a thicker straw because I could not drink the raisin in my ginger beer. Germano had her baffled with his windpomp Sherry. You honestly can't take these people anywhere. The locals didn't seem to like us – and they're used to a regular influx of bikers!

Next time we go we should take a tame traffic cop along so we can hold dices in their main road. We, the ones that went, even have proof that we went to Paris. Well, almost.