Kruger Caper 2002

This is one of the events you just have to participate in every year! Never has this been more true than this year!

It started out just as any previous year – everyone meets up at the starting grid, gets their car kits, affixes them to their cars, and they're off! And it continued like this up until Warmbaths. Then the fun started!

Following the maps from the kits, most of the entrants got lost – and this included the organisers! Luckily we used our gray-matter (and some pure male logic as everyone who saw the video could see) and took the road that looked more travelled.

After what seemed like an eternity, and more than just one province, we finally started seeing road signs which indicated we were on the right track and almost there.

Just outside of Pilgrim's Rest, Robert's R12 started sounding like a tank, and we were getting the impression we'd never reach Graskop before dark. Luckily, we did.

Next morning, after some calls and an inspection to the R12, it was discovered that the gearbox had been running on empty – it needed 2 litres of oil, just like the manual stipulates. We then joined up with the rest of the people for the obligatory quarter-mile. Nothing more on the schedule, we lounged about for the rest of the day.

Sunday morning, the whole party took off for Komatipoort where we would be going for a tour through Oom Herman's private museum – and what an experience that was! With roughly 30 pristinely restored cars and probably thousands of models, you couldn't honestly say that nothing caught your fancy. Now, if only we could start something similar…

After the long trip back to Graskop in the late afternoon, we duly went to the prize-giving, and had a great time as usual (even though I couldn't hear a word).

Monday morning came far too soon, and we were back on the road towards Jo'burg. Luckily, the trip home was far less “adventurous” than the trip there.