Festival of Motoring @ Auto Africa 2002

We all like cars, it's our passion, and that is what Auto Africa offered: cars, cars, cars and yes even a few trucks. All the motor manufacturers displayed their new models – no not the female type but mind you their was a few good looking ones.

Fords, Ferraris VWs, Beemers, Renaults – you name them, they were on display – even a few concept cars. This event is a must. If you missed it you really did miss out but not to worry there will be another one in two years time.

The national concourse event, for car clubs belonging to SAMCA, was organised by Craig McLaren, Allan Morton and Thys Botha. They really did a good job – thanks. Each club had the opportunity to enter two cars into this event. We booked space for three cars (to be on display only) Errol Abraham's R10 Alconi, Marius Marais' 4CV and my Gordini. At the event on Friday evening we were informed that we had to enter one car into the Tops only competition, one car into the d'Elegance competition and the third car could be on display only.

Well, the 4CV was entered into the Tops only and the Gordini into the d'Elegance. Totally unprepared, our cars were judged on the Saturday morning. I'm sure that the lady with the white gloves and the ear buds used to be a corporal in the Army – she can find dust in the cleanest of operating theaters. The uncle with the microscope or whatever tool it is he used to look at the paint with really knows his story – yes indeed, the paint on our cars is old. Thanks for that piece of useless information.

For those who did not know, Renaults did come out standard with CIBIE lights. For all the unexpected judging I must say we did not do too bad. The Gordini received 89% in the d'Elegance and the 4CV received 82% in the tops only competition. Thanks Errol and Marius for making yourselves and your cars available.

The public showed a great interest in our cars. Marius you should consider making a bumper sticker which should reads “This is a Renault 4CV and NOT a small Morris”. Errol, according to the public the Renault badge on your Alconi is incorrect – your car is actually a Fiat.

Well, everybody knew what a Gordini looked like and every second person raced one at some stage. I just wonder what happened to all those thousands of Gordinis!