Year-end Function 2002

As early as can be expected, we got on the road heading out towards the Orange River to celebrate and wave goodbye to another year at the Renault Club.

Arriving mid-morning at Mike and Anne-Marie's getaway spot, the guys lined up all the cars next to the wall. A very distraught bird (the feathered variety) was flitting about, since someone managed to park right next to her nest. The plastic cars were banned from the line-up and had to park next to the braai facilities.

Everyone started unpacking and tenting up furiously - the relaxing needed to begin! With everything in place and the spit going nicely it was time to ‘kuier'!

After indulging in the cool drinks (and cooldrinks), a three-legged obstacle course was underway. Lots of laughing, confusion and mis-steps off into the swimming pool later, the day was truly in swing! Lunch seemed to continue forever, thanks to the huge amount of food prepared – thank you to everyone involved. Afterwards, a small group went about exploring the surrounds.

As the day was drawing to a close, we cleaned up, packed up and got back on the road towards Jo'burg.

I'm sure everyone that joined us on the day, like me, would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mike and Anne-Marie for hosting such a great day for us!