French Day 2004

On Sunday 17 January 2004, 21 classic and not-so-classic Renaults descended on the grounds of the Pretoria Old Motor Club. Of course, there were also some Peugeots and Citroëns – this was the annual French Day after all!

We were lucky enough to have great weather – which I'm sure contributed to the great atmosphere we had. Our club outnumbered its sister clubs by far, probably having more than twice as many cars as the Peugeot and Citroën clubs combined. Let's keep it up!

Everything from the very old to the very newest were on display for all to revel in. There was even a very rare Renault Corolla, or should we say Toyota 19?

The food, prepared by the Citroën club this year, was great as always.

If you missed out on this great event this year, be sure to get to the next French Day in 2005!