Not unlike the annual F1 championship, the evening of 27 March was a nail-biting experience for spectators. Twenty drivers ranging from very experienced to extremely inexperienced showed up at the Compu-Kart premises for a night that wasn't to be forgotten soon!

After a quite lengthy introduction and explanation of the rules, racing got underway. Each round was made up of randomly picked drivers, sometimes having people race two races back-to-back. Though it may seem easy, believe me its quite tiring!

Round by round it was becoming clear who would eventually be on the podium, and who definitely wouldn't be! After everyone had put their best efforts toward a place in the final bonus race, the chosen few were: Germano, Marius, Ralph & Robert.

At the end of the night the top spots were filled by Ralph Kernes in first place, Marius Marais in second and Robert Huysamen in third. Congratulations!