Angela’s Picnic 2004

Arriving at Delta Park not quite early enough to secure our regular spot, we moved into unfamiliar territory down the slope. Positioned between the BMW Club and the Micro Car Club, we set up in a semi-circular pattern with our brand-spankin' new banner welcoming people into our lair.

With a member turnout rivaling this year's French Day, we were quite impressed. Everything was on display – from the very old to the very newest (including this year's Car of the Year – the Mégane II 1.9 dCi). It almost looked like the Clio Club and not the Renault Club with the strong turnout of Clios.

As arranged, we were selling French rolls which did quite well considering that we forgot to make placards to advertise their sale. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to sell enough to turn a profit, but at least we didn't run at a loss.

The car which drew the most attention turned out not to be the newest or best-looking (or even the Car of the Year), but the little old 1949 4CV which is in dire need of some TLC (and will be getting some, we are assured by the owner). It wasn't the only attention-grabber, as is evident by the amount of general enquiries handled by all committee and club members.

As the day started to wind down, everyone who hadn't left yet gathered around and listened to the Grand Prix on Marius' little portable TV.

On our way out of the park, the A-frame towing Marius Bezuidenhout's Dauphine had a moment. Getting everyone on the road, a support crew hurried back to collect the immobile car and its owner.

Odd as it may seem, I can't remember an outing without some kind of incident since joining the club…