Killarney Raceway 50th Birthday

It was an early morning, with most of the guys meeting at my house. We drove in convoy to Killarney, when we had to pull over as the Dauphine experienced some overheating problems. Sound familiar?

Upon arrival, we parked the cars in the different areas, namely, Concourse d'Elegance, 1960 Grid cars and show/club cars. I entered Heini's R8 Gordini into the concourse without him knowing it, thank goodness he washed the car! Harry and Victor's Dauphines were entered into the “grid cars”, so was Malvern's 4CV. These cars represented the race cars that were raced back in the day when the track opened 50 years ago. The rest of the cars were parked on an open field, as show/club cars.

Boetie came with his kombi and gazebo and quickly got settled, cooking up breakfast for all to enjoy. There were some very nice cars on display from almost every car manufacturer you can think of. We really have some very good quality classic cars here in the Cape. Historic racing was the order of the day and there was some good racing, from saloon cars to old GP bikes etc. etc. with various overseas entries spicing things up. Old Van really had to drive for his life and could not just cruise away from the field as usual.

Once the judging of the Concourse d'Elegance was done, the cars lined up on the pit straight in order of their positions and guess what? The Gordini was third! Congratulations Heini. The grid cars were next, followed by the rest of the show / club cars. It was really an experience to take our cars onto the track on the parade laps and seeing all these beautiful cars lined all around the track.

As the afternoon drew to a close, a snake climbed onto my Peugeots back suspension and curled up. There was NO way that I was going to get into my car with the snake still there. I was advised to drive home and hopefully the snake will fall out, but what if it doesn't? NO WAY! Phoned up a snake catcher and waited… After a while, the snake thankfully came out ,just as the snake catcher arrived. Safely captured, the snake could calm down, as could I. Apparently the snakes were placed at Killarney to keep the moles from tunneling under the track, as this could cause the track to collapse in those areas.

At the price giving we had the pleasure of chatting to the world famous racing driver, David Piper. He is in his eighties and still going strong. He is responsible for the David Piper international racing every year at Zwartkops and Killarney. Just a pity we don't see all the cars here in Cape Town. I think most of them are already broken by the time the racing gets to Killarney a week after Zwartkops. Think some of us will join the JHB Renault boys next year at the big Z.

It was a real enjoyable and VERY hot day at Killarney raceway (look at how red our faces are) and hope we can do it again sometime.