A Trip Down Memory Lane - Heritage Day

Early Thursday morning, Heritage day 2015, Robert and I took off in the "Golden" Dauphine to join the rest of the club members at the Renault club base in Bellville. Enroute to our destination the Renaults attracted much attention and I was proud to be part of the Team. These are very "sexy" cars after all.

At our destination - Killarney Race Track, a first for the team, we filed into formation like soldiers ready for inspection. Under brilliant blue skies and a crisp wind folk were soon attracted to the white, blue and gold. Heini soon had his "famous" car "unwrapped" as many were interested in the shiny insides. Mmm .... interesting conversations!

"Time for food" and off we went to a "Scandalous" old truck, which served delicious food to food junkies and it was yummy.

Visions of "Oupa on the farm" popped into my mind when i saw the vintage tractors, proudly strutting their stuff and purr-purring calmly while idling. Those were the days ...

Reading the old farm truck "number plate" made me realise that age does count and has a special place in the hearts and minds! To be admired, loved and respected. Of course there is always place for the modern - the energetic and streamlined head-turners of today and watching each of them doing their "feeling free" laps around Killarney. Wow, what a Rev!

Thank you Robert, Rikki and the Renault club for an awesome experience. Walking amongst the stately "spirits" of yester year was great.

I salute you!

(written by Marinda Burger, a fan)