Father & Son

3 Liebenberg generations of Renault Passion


It all started way back in 1965 when Clive bought his first Renault R8 1100, a red one. He was proud of this “Red Devil” but, he always wanted a Renault R8 Gordini. Sadly, this was something iust out of his reach so he settled for a Renault R8 Alconi instead. The years passed and the family grew and the Alconi had to go BUT that passion to own a Renault R8 Gordini still lingered.

ln his later years he bought a Renault R10 then a newer Renault Laguna. So slowly his collection of various Renault models grew, all in various forms of restoration… from a Renault 4CV to a Renault 15TS and yes, somewhere in between, he did get his Renault R8 Gordini even though he waited near on 50 years for it.


Then, Rikki, his son, shows an interest in dad's “babies”. Working side by side with dad, restoring these old beauties and taking them to various motor shows. ln his own collection he has a Renault Dauphine Gordini, Renault RtO and a 2013 Renault Twingo Gordini which is in daily use.


Along comes Reece, the grandson at age 14, and he has also caught this Renault passion. The Renault Twingo Gordini will be passed on to him when he turns 18.

Now between the 3 Liebenberg Generations there are currently 7 various Renault models between them. The oldest, 1952 4CV and the newest, a Renault Gordini Twingo… will there be more? Only time will tell…