Over 250 vintage and classic cars dating from the 1920s through to the 1980s will be on display at Hermanus Primary School during the annual Hermanus Whale Festival

Location Hermanus Primary School

GPS -34.4158404,19.2382195

The annual Killarney motor show at Killarney International Raceway

Location Killarney International Raceway

GPS -33.8248801,18.5250413

Jaarlikse Timour Hall motor skou in Plumstead by die prentice mooi Timour Hall Villa.

Annual Timour Hall car show in Plumstead at the beautiful Timour Hall Villa.

Location Timour Hall Villa, Car Timour Hall & St Joan's Roads, Plumstead.

GPS -34.0224942,18.4581574

Jaarlikse George Ou Motorskou - Meer inlichting sal volg

Annual George Old Car Show - more info to follow

Location P.W Botha collage, York Str. George, Western Cape.

GPS -33.9748139,22.4442328