Die Renaultklub is deur die lugmagmuseum uitgenooi om 'n seminaar oor die "Bloodhound SCC" by te woon by Ysterplaat Lugmagbasis. Dit is 'n "Jet engine" aangedrewe voertuig waarmee 'n nuwe landspoedrekord volgende jaar Oktober opgesteld gaan word in S.A.

Van ons lede was baie nuuskierig en Hennie Mostert, Heini, Liefie, Harry en Dawie het besluit om dit by te woon. Die byeenkoms was baie goed georganiseerd en die Silwer Falke het ook vir die toeskouers 'n vertoning gelewer.

Die legendaries, 80 jarige, Koos Swanepoel was ook teenwoordig met sy 1000cc Ford Anglia, wat in die '70 'n bedreiging vir die Renault's was. Die 1000cc Anglia en die 1100 Gordini's was altyd in kompetiesie.

Dit was 'n baie interesante en suksesvolle dag wat deur almal geniet was. Die hardebaardmanne wat volgende jaar kans sien om die woestyn te trotseer, is welkom om die landspoedrekord geleentheid by te woon in Haksteen pan.

Op 'n reënerige oggend vertrek ons en ons gades vanaf Stikland, oppas na Hermanus.

In Somerset-Wes was daar 'n verkeersopeenhoping wat ons meer as 'n half uur vertraag het, a.g.v 'n foutiewe verkeerslig. Gelukkig het ons nogsteeds betyds by die feesgronde aangekom vir registrasie. Die weer in Hermanus was lieflik, afgesien van die beroemde briesie wat gewaaihet. Die opkoms van die verskillende klasse motors was goed gewees.

Aangesien die Walvisfees ook aangebreid was op die dorp, was daar hierdie jaar nie so baie uitstallings op die gronde soos vroeër jare nie, maar daar was wel genoeg eetstalletjes.

Later in die dag was daar 'n optog van al die motors deur die dorp se strate en kusweg langs. Daar was ongelooflik baie toeskouers langs die roete en soos gewoonlik het die Renaults die koppe laat draai. Dawie se 4CV het weereens die volgende reaksie gehad: "Aaww, look at that beautiful Morris"

Na 'n heerlike dag in Hermanus, het ons veilig teruggery Kaap toe.

Early Thursday morning, Heritage day 2015, Robert and I took off in the "Golden" Dauphine to join the rest of the club members at the Renault club base in Bellville. Enroute to our destination the Renaults attracted much attention and I was proud to be part of the Team. These are very "sexy" cars after all.

At our destination - Killarney Race Track, a first for the team, we filed into formation like soldiers ready for inspection. Under brilliant blue skies and a crisp wind folk were soon attracted to the white, blue and gold. Heini soon had his "famous" car "unwrapped" as many were interested in the shiny insides. Mmm .... interesting conversations!

"Time for food" and off we went to a "Scandalous" old truck, which served delicious food to food junkies and it was yummy.

Visions of "Oupa on the farm" popped into my mind when i saw the vintage tractors, proudly strutting their stuff and purr-purring calmly while idling. Those were the days ...

Reading the old farm truck "number plate" made me realise that age does count and has a special place in the hearts and minds! To be admired, loved and respected. Of course there is always place for the modern - the energetic and streamlined head-turners of today and watching each of them doing their "feeling free" laps around Killarney. Wow, what a Rev!

Thank you Robert, Rikki and the Renault club for an awesome experience. Walking amongst the stately "spirits" of yester year was great.

I salute you!

(written by Marinda Burger, a fan)

ROUTE 24 Golden Oldie Day

On this icy Saturday morning we took a trip down Route 24. This must have been one of the coldest days in June as everyone reminded me, but no cold weather was going to spoil a great day for us..

The Renault Club outing could not have been at a better place other than the Edenvale Renault Route 24 dealership. Michael, Richard and Trudie were the perfect hosts when they welcomed every one with a Renault Sport beany and a little something to heat the inner and get the system going. They really went out of their way and truly made us feel at home. Richard was the only one who showed signs of sweat in front of the fire while we were spoiled with a good old fashioned braai on a winter's day. The chicken sosaties were the best that we have tasted in a long time.

One could not miss the dealer, as you approach you notice all the new models from the Megane, Clio, Sandero, Duster to the newest addition Renault Capture. When you proceed to enter the premises you notice two lanes of Classic Renaults, almost saluting you as you drive past. What a beautiful sight this was to see, it made every Renault enthusiast and owner proud. These are the moments the guys live for.

Everybody had a “wow” moment as you could simply not miss the Duster in its bright orange and fine trimmings that takes your breath away. If this vehicle had a price tag, it would have been sold a couple of times that day. Unfortunately this beauty was a concept car and will not be available for sale to the

The desk of Michael Fuller, new vehicle sales executive at Route 24 also received a lot of attention. Michael belonged to the Rand Renault Club back in the 70's and had his framed T-shirt on the wall to prove it. The R8 Gordini steering wheel was the only memento that he kept from his “G” that he had back in the day's and is a very sought after item amongst club members who restore these great little icons.

The Club were well represented with 22 Renaults covering a full range of Renaults produced through seven decades. One of the rarest cars must be Jimmy's Renault 5 turbo of which only 2 exist in the country. The membership grew to just more than 40 members which is good news. For the first time in the history we have an increase in numbers instead of the usual “dwindling numbers and revival” of the club. This trend also brings more cars out of the woodwork back on the road that no one has seen before.

The aim of this event was to build a stronger relationship between dealers and owners. What better way than to get the hard-core Renault petrol heads together who have been so loyal to the brand throughout the years. Renault is so serious in creating customer relations that the slogan “Drive the change” was replaced by “Passion for live”. (dit maak meer sin in Afrikaans omdat “Bestuur die Kleingeld” net nie werk nie.)

Thank you Route 24 for inviting us for the day and share our Passion for Renault.

For more information visit www.renaultclub.co.za