Die "African 3 hour" was tydens die Killarney Carnival Day gewees en die klub was uitgenooi om 'n paar karre uit te stal.

Die deelnemende lede het by die klubhuis bymekaar gekom en daarvandaan in konvooi na Killarney gery om die dag daar te geniet.

Daar was 'n hele paar mooi motors wat uitgestald was, maar oppas huis toe het Clive so bietjie tegenspoed gehad. Gelukkig geen groot skade nie. Ek glo die fout sal sommer binnenkort regelmaat word.

Dit was 'n lekker dag geweest vier almaar teenwoordig.

We left Friday morning, driving in convoy, for George. I battled for weeks before to get my G running for the event and believe it or not, Thursday evening got it running. Having not test driven it, i headed for George.

It was very overcast, but everything went well.We stopped in Heidelberg for lunch and got on the N2 towards George. Low and behold, we drove straight into a cloud burst. My feet got wet, Heini's wipers stopped working etc etc. It was a miracle, but we all made it with some sort of "water damage". Cold and wet, but we made it.

Saturday was a fun day and we also met up with old friends, enjoying the day together. The evening we had a lovely braai with a big group of show attendees and fellow petrol heads.

Sunday morning saw us heading to Oudtshoorn for a quick visit to old club members. It was very good seeing Elize and Malvern again. From there on we had a leisurely drive back to Cape Town, stopping at Ronnie's Sex shop, obviously, for something "cold".

It was such a lovely weekend and we hope to do it again in future.

Wow, can you believe it, the 50th birthday of the R8 Gordini. It feels like yesterday when these little giant killers were still King of the road.

In early 2014 it dawned on me that the R8 G would turn 50 later in the year and i started playing with the idea of having a 50th birthday bash. Am i glad that i did!

What turned out to be only a casual get together and a braai, became a full days event. It was an AWSOME day and i would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone that made my vision a success. I met so many interesting people, like , Leon Harmse, his wife Magda, John Meyers, etc etc. Too many to mention. Unfortunately Scamp Porter was ill and couldn't attend. That would have "sealed" the deal. Special thank to Hennie Mostert for getting his R8 G ready for the day. By the way, his Gordini is the first 1300cc Gordini in SA and he collected it from the factory. What stories that car can tell !

Many thanks to so many who traveled from a far to attend the event, Ian Swartz, Piet Moolman, Peter Henning,Mynderd vd Berg, Jimmy Brink etc etc. I saw so many faces, but couldn't meet them all.

I hope each and everyone enjoyed the event with us as much as we did and we are looking forward to the next big event.

Renault Greeting


For a change the weather played a long this year and we met at our rendezvous under clear skies. We drove in convoy to Hermanus with no incident, until we reached Hermanus and, BANG, blow put on Liefie's R10.

Gelukkig het Harry 'n spaarwiel gehad en die Megane 'n "jack", so ons was gou weer op die pad. Nadat ons parkeer het op die skoolveld, het ons begin rondbeweeg tussen die ander mooi motors wat uitgestald was.

It was a lovely day enjoyed by all. Nice event, good food and great company, we will definitely be back next year.