WP Renault Club Constitution

WP Renault Club


The name of the Club shall be “WP Renault Club”, hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.


The official colours of the Club shall be yellow, black & white.


Any person may become a member – provided he/she owns a Renault, has previously owned a Renault or has a proven interest in the marque. He/she should promote the aims and objectives of the Club.

Membership / Fees

The membership fee and application fee for members of the Club shall be determined by the committee. Country members, pensioners and students will be eligible to a reduced membership fee.

Although the immediate family of a member enjoys the privileges of membership, he/she may become a member with full voting rights at a reduced membership fee.

Any member failing to pay his/her annual membership fee, shall cease to be a member of the Club and shall be deprived of all privileges of membership, i e voting rights at a meeting.

Membership fees should be paid by no later than the end of March each year.

Every application for membership shall be reviewed and either be accepted or declined by the committee. Fees paid will be refunded, should the application for membership be declined.


No member shall introduce as a guest:

  • Any person whose nomination for membership has been declined, and/or
  • Any member who has been expelled and/or any person whose presence on the Club’s premises is considered by the committee to be undesirable.


Should any member in the opinion of the committee commit any unlawful breach of the rules of this constitution, or be guilty of improper, dishonest, unsportsmanlike or ungentlemanly conduct or fail to make any payment of any moneys due to the Club after due notice has been given or be guilty of conduct which is prejudicial to the interests of the Club, whether within the Club’s precincts or outside them, the committee shall have the power:

  • to reprimand such members
  • to deprive such member of any or all rights of his/her membership during such time or period as the committee, in its sole and absolute discretion, may deem fit and advisable.
  • to call upon such member to appear before the committee and there explain his/her conduct and should such member fail to appear when called upon, to expel or deal with such member in such manner as the committee in its sole and absolute discretion may deem fit.
  • To expel such member and no fees will be refunded.

Election of Committee / Term of Office

Paid-up members shall vote at an Annual General Meeting to elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman, where a quorum of members – no less than forty percent – are present. Paid-up members shall also by vote elect three (or five) other persons on to the committee. Their designations shall be handled by the Chairman and Vice Chairman elect. The Chairman shall hold term for one year, but may be re-elected at the A.G.M if it is deemed necessary in the interest and well-being of the Club. All other committee members may terminate office at a one year minimum, but may be available for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held not later than end January of each year. The annual general meeting shall be held as close as possible to the end of each year, no later than the end of January.

Notice of the meeting shall be given to all paid up members, at least thirty (30) days before the date of the AGM. The non-receipt of notice of meetings by any member shall not invalidate proceedings at such meetings.

Committee Meetings

A Committee meeting shall be held the first Thursday of every month. All decisions shall be made by vote of the Committee affecting the Club. The Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of a stalemate decision.


This Constitution may be amended from time to time, if the content or the addition thereto are warranted. Amendments to the constitution can only be authorized at a general meeting by a two thirds majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

Proposed amendments are to be submitted to the secretary in writing fourteen (14) days before the annual general meeting.

Winding Up

In the event of the winding up of the Club, the assets shall be sold and the proceeds donated to a charity organization, appointed by the committee at the time or  by such other manner which the committee in its sole and absolute discretion shall deem fit and proper in the circumstances, and any accruing funds shall be distributed among its members at the time.


The objects of the Club shall be:

  • The promotion of the Renault marque.
  • The promotion of road safety.
  • The adherance to all Municipal and Provincial Road Traffic Ordinances.
  • To promote healthy relationships with all organised Motoring organisations including other one make Car Clubs.
  • To support charitable organisations.
  • To promote the acquisition and restoration of all Renault models.
  • To promote Renault participation in all forms of motor sport.